API Renewable Energy PLC to Launch Ethiopia’s First Commercial Biodiesel Plant Renewable Energy Industry Transforming East Africa

Over half a million Ethiopian farmers will be financially included by "Amole" digital wallet.

Lancement de la premiere refineries de biodiesel a vocation commerciale en Ethiopie

Due to its profound benefits to the environment, this project has been registered as a Clean Development Mechanism Project by the United Nations Framework on Climate Change board. Its production cycle combines tree and crop cultivations as sources of feedstocks that provide seeds for biodiesel production, husks for briquette production, and seed cake for biogas and organic fertiliser production. With a production capacity of 18,000,000 Liters of biodiesel per annum, substitution of fossil diesel with biodiesel reduces over 40,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year from the atmosphere. Tree planting reduces over 20,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year from the atmosphere through carbon sequestration while the production and use of briquettes replaces the use of charcoal and firewood thus reducing deforestation.


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